Academic Tutoring

Our small group tutoring helps target the source of a student´s troubles and gives the expert guidance and support to help students succeed.

  • English : AP English Language & Composition, AP Literature
  • Math : Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, AP Calculus, AP Stats
  • Science : AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics

Premier Coaching

Developed by our founder, David Ho, Ed.M while at Harvard University, Platinum´s premier coaching utilizes our Signature Mastermind System. Our education coaches provide critical support, guidance, and develop solutions. Students are organized into teams with each team led by a dedicated education coach. With the support of their education coach and team, students learn to:

  • Visualize what success means to them
  • Increase their emotional quotient and improve relationships
  • Develop life skills, such as time management and goal setting

Our education coaches simplify the college process to help reduce stress and frustration. Coaches are in constant communications with students and their parents, forming a support team to make college dreams come true. Our past students have been able to sharpen their focus, earn scholarships, and get into college.

College Application Consulting

Our coaches work to simplify the application process for your family and give the applicant the best opportunity for acceptance. We guide the student to find the best possible fit in college and guide you through the financial aid process.

  • College and Major advising
  • Personal Statement guidance and critique
  • Financial Aid advising

SAT Preparation

Instructors break down the test into easy to understand sections.

  • Students take a pre-test to target their specific areas of improvements
  • Based on how students score on the pre-test, we develop a personalized plan to improve your score
  • Small class sizes of 4 or less students or one on one help is available
Academic Tutoring
  • 1 Hour Sessions
  • Small Group Sizes
Premier Coaching
  • 1½ hour sessions once every week
College Application Consulting
  • Flexible Hours
SAT Preparation
  • Personalized small group or one on one help available