1. What is premier coaching?

Premier coaching is an exciting new approach to education. Our dedicated education coaches work closely with your family, using traditional face-to-face instruction, online tools, and continual communication to build a support team that helps your child become successful.

2. What will my child learn?

Our education coaches work with your child to help them develop an inspiring vision of their success. We then develop a plan to help your child achieve their goals.

3. How will you help my child prepare for college?

Once your child has a college in mind, we help your child get real life experiences to improve their chances of getting accepted to the college. Our past students start college ahead of their peers, because they earn college credits, win scholarships, and gain valuable life skills.

4. What are these life skills that my child will learn?

Becoming successful takes more than just a college degree. We teach your child important skills like time management, visualization, and improve their emotional quotient.

5. What’s an emotional quotient?

A person’s emotional quotient is how well a person understands their emotions and builds strong lasting relationships. In the information age, the ability to build relationships has become even more important. Our students are able to increase their emotional quotient and improve their relationships with parents.

6. What changes will I see once my child starts?

Immediately you will see that your child will become motivated and inspired. They will then steadily improve their emotional quotient, and your relationship with your child will improve.

7. How old should my child be to start?

With the challenging materials that your child will be learning, we recommend that your child is starting high school. This also gives them an opportunity to plan for their college right at the beginning of high school.

8. Is my child too old if he or she is not a freshman?

Not at all. Our past students who joined as Juniors or Seniors have also shown great improvement. They have been able to improve their responsibility and maturity, so they will be ready for college when they move out.

9. How long does this program last?

Our students stay with us until high school graduation. Our intent is to have them fully prepared for college, so they will start college with momentum.

10. What can I do as a parent to help my child?

Our education coaches also work closely with you. Our online tools keeps you update to with everything going on with your child. We will also be in contact with you and guide you as challenges come up. Our education coaches work closely with you to develop solutions.

11. Sounds great! How do I get started?

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